Revenue Enhancement Management

When physicians want to care for more patients but aren’t sure where to start, our Revenue Enhancement Management team provides ancillaries that further their practice’s goals without increasing overhead costs.

Ancillary Services

Allergy Testing

Although many health concerns can be attributed to allergies, patients don’t typically suspect them until later on, putting themselves in grave danger.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic patients are at higher risk of various health conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, so offering tests makes their visits all the more convenient.

Pulmonary Function Tests

Measuring lung volume, capacity, rate of flow, and gas exchange help physicians determine the best course of action.

Vascular Testing

Spot and treat detrimental vascular conditions early on by encouraging at-risk patients to undergo vascular testing.


Ensure your medical practice (and its services) honors all the standards set forth by ANSI.

In House Testing Suite

Because undergoing various tests is impractical and all the more stressful for patients, in-house testing eases the stress and makes analyzing results all the more efficient.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

For patients who suffered an injury, we can provide physical and occupational therapy services that grow your practice and help patients feel better sooner.


If patients show signs of disorder in the vestibular system, this test serves as a detailed assessment that indicates how to treat them.

Compounding Pharmacy

If a patient suffers from multiple conditions, our compounding pharmacy services ensure all medications meet the patient’s needs.


EchoRite brings state of the art imaging to your medical practice for better disease detection without requiring your patients to go elsewhere.

Referral Management

When it’s time for your patient to move onto the next phase in their care, we assist in managing the process with ease and communication.


If patients show signs of disorder in the vestibular system, this test serves as a detailed assessment that indicates how to treat them.

Workers Compensation

If patients have suffered from an injury, our workers’ comp services include evaluating their particular condition and designing a treatment plan.

Why Do Revenue Enhancement Services

Increase Its Revenue

Having more ancillaries means that your practice has more revenue streams that will help reach its potentia

Help More Patients

As your practice increases its treatment offerings with various ancillaries, your team will be able to help more patients than before

Save Time

When your practice is ready to implement ancillaries, NorthStar sends the experts to you so they can do their job while you do yours