Houston pain specialist assessing a new patient

When to See a Houston Pain Specialist

We all experience pain at various times in our lives. Maybe we stepped wrong, were in a weird position for an extended period of time, or sustained an injury. We usually give it a few days to see if our bodies can heal our pains, but what if it takes some time? How do you know when to see a Houston pain specialist? In this article, our Houston pain doctors will offer insight into when you should stop waiting around and meet with one of our pain experts.

When To Visit A Houston Pain Specialist

Here are some signs that you should look out for to help you figure out when is the right time to see a Houston pain doctor.

It’s Been Over 3 Months And You Still Feel Pain

If you’re still feeling pain by 3 months, this is what we consider chronic pain. Once it’s chronic, you really need to visit one of our Houston pain doctors so we can assess your pain and determine the best course of action–a great pain management program that works for your unique needs.

You Take Several Medications for Your Pain and Find They Aren’t as Effective as You Need Them to be

Pain medication may be the first thing you turn to in order to address your pain, but if you’ve been taking it and notice little difference, a Houston pain doctor may be a way better course of action. Our Houston pain specialists want you to truly feel a difference in your pain, so we follow a holistic approach with the goal of making you less dependent on pain medication because you’ve reached a point in which it’s no longer needed. 

You’ve Noticed a Difference in Your Pain, But It’s Not Lessening Anymore

Sometimes, our Houston chronic pain patients do take medicines and find that their pain diminishes, but only for a short period of time. Eventually, their pain is stalled and no longer reducing and nothing seems to work. We understand that most of our patients who suffer from chronic pain don’t simply want to settle with it or deal with it. A far better alternative that will reduce your pain sustainably and give you back your life is to work with a Houston pain specialist.

NorthStarDoc is Your Singular Platform Where You Can Get the Care You Deserve in Order to Reduce Your Pain

Pain, especially chronic pain, unfortunately, does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. If you really want to feel a difference in your pain and live healthier and happier, then you need a customized care plan that our Houston pain specialists can give you. If you meet the aforementioned criteria, please schedule an appointment with a Houston pain doctor. NorthStarDoc gives you the opportunity to search for specialists nearby, schedule an appointment, and share vital information with your physicians.