houston orthopedic spine doctor showing a patient where his pain originates

When to See an Orthopedic Spine Specialist

Your spine, otherwise known as your backbone, is clearly a critical component of your body. A healthier spine makes for a healthier body altogether. What if you have an issue with your spine, though? What then? In this article, our Houston orthopedic spine specialists will discuss the importance of the spine in greater detail as well as when you should see an orthopedic spine doctor.

The Spine is Arguably One of the Most Important Parts of the Body

As your backbone, your spine quite literally provides the support your body needs to function optimally. Because it houses the nerves that extend throughout your entire body to your brain, damage to the spine can alter your life completely. Think of it this way: without your spine, you couldn’t use your fingers, sit down, walk, or stand. If you hurt your spine, this can lead to back pain at best, and permanent damage at worst.

If You Have Back Pain and/or Spine Issues, a Houston Orthopedic Specialist Can Help

Houston orthopedic spine doctors diagnose, treat, and prevent conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system–including your spine. This system consists of the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

When to Visit a Houston Orthopedic Spine Specialist

The following are some of the instances in which you should consider visiting one of our Houston spine doctors:

Bowel/Bladder Issues

Many patients don’t consider bowel or bladder problems to be a sign that your spine health is less than optimal. If anything, they might see a gastroenterologist for bowel problems. However, if you’re struggling with normal bathroom habits, this could suggest a spine condition, such as a tumor.

Funny Sensations in the Legs and Feet

If you’re experiencing tingling or numbness in your legs and/or feet, it might be worth it to speak with a Houston orthopedic spine specialist.

Prolonged Back Pain, Especially With a Fever

Back pain is very often related to underlying health issues within the spine. If a fever is associated with your back pain, this is an important red flag and you should see a Houston pain specialist as soon as you can.

The Spine Requires Specialized Care by a Houston Orthopedic Spine Specialist

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, please book an appointment with a Houston spine specialist in your area. The sooner you get your pain and concerns addressed, the better. We look forward to connecting you with the right specialist so you can live healthier and keep your spine well-protected.When to See an Orthopedic Spine Specialist